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Vaccine News!

As the world we know begins to shift into a new “normal” after COVID-19, it is important that we also learn how to remain healthy and safe within our own professions. Being a healthcare hero not only means taking care of our residents with the utmost care and compassion, but it also means taking care of yourself during these times, so you are able to live a long and healthy life. An important place to start, is in your workplace! Working for a company like Mission Health, that genuinely cares about your health and well-being, is instrumental in a safe return to normal.

Healthcare workers continue to be on the front line of the nation’s fight with the Covid pandemic. By being able to provide critical care to those who may come in contact with the virus, some healthcare heroes may be at increased risk of infection from COVID-19. That is why Mission Health takes facilitating our employee’s access to vaccines so seriously. We are committed to providing Mission employees with the most recent, reliable information, as well as on-going opportunities to get vaccinated and save lives!

Mission Health is proud to announce that each community is now able to personally order and administer vaccines to every new and current employee or resident. Previously, the vaccine was only made available in a package of 10 and had a short shelf life. Due to these circumstances, many vaccines were expiring and were no longer useful to the new employees and residents who may need them at a later date. However, Mission Health now has the access to order the vaccine and make it available directly on site to the specific employee or resident who need it immediately…at NO cost to them! This is especially beneficial for our healthcare employees because there is no longer an unpredictable wait time for the vaccine and can now be directly ordered for one person rather than having to wait for other employees to be eligible to order.

Mission Health also not only wants our employees to feel comfortable with their experience, but we want to ensure that all healthcare heroes are taken care of and appreciated for their hard work and dedication. Having access to the vaccine, when they want and need it, is part of showing our employees they are a top priority. As we continue to recognize and reward those who are helping Mission Health achieve complete vaccination throughout every community against COVID-19, we are continuing to reward those employees who do receive their vaccinations with us with an extra 8 hours of PTO. If you’re a Mission employee, talk to your community’s Administrator to learn more!

We appreciate everyone’s commitment to protect our most vulnerable population, and by getting the vaccine, we can fully live out the Mission Experience and do our part to ensure a happier and healthier 2021!

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