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Elevating Experiences

When we say we care about the input of our residents and those who care about them, what do we mean? Do we simply nod along when a resident makes a request? Do we rely solely on family members to reach out to us when they have a concern they’d like to discuss? No. Of course not!

We’ve all heard it touted that a proactive approach is better than a passive approach, and we’ve taken that to heart at Mission Health. Our residents and patients, and their family members, are an important part of creating a person-centered approach to the services we provide. We believe that if we’re waiting for them to come to us with requests, then we’re missing out on opportunities to elevate their experience with us.

Over the past year, we’ve partnered with National Resource Corporation to implement the Real Time program for resident/patient and family member surveys. This approach enables us to get feedback at more frequent intervals, and use that feedback to shape the way we provide care. Did a resident move into their room and have a great tour of the community? Did a family member have to call a few too many times to reach the person they were trying to speak with? Does someone dislike the coffee?!

All these possibilities represent potential opportunities to reward and continue successful patterns, or the chance to improve on a service that could use some extra attention. And while there will always be growing pains with implementing a new more responsive survey system, we say that all feedback is a gift…and we mean it!

What methods does your company use for gathering client feedback? Are surveys sent out in bulk, annually? Perhaps surveys are sent only to new clients, or only on the anniversary of service rendered? As long as the survey itself is kept short and sweet, more touchpoints allow a company to build a more complete picture of strengths and weaknesses and can build a stronger relationship with those served.

What about implementation? Is feedback used with genuine interest in making improvements within the company? Taking the initiative to actively review responses as they come in, and then doing something with the gift of feedback is the most important part of any survey process. Whether the results are positive or negative or a bit of both (hint: it’s always a bit of both), taking the time to digest the information given and then reaching out to the responding parties in a timely fashion builds trust, and creates a more engaged client base.

Take a moment today to reflect on whether you and your company actively seek out feedback to grow and better the services you provide, or whether you’re hesitant to open those floodgates. Because here’s the thing: whether you know it or not, the things clients say in surveys are things they think and feel about their experience with the company.

And remember: all feedback is a gift!

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