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Reflecting on Giving Back

With the year rapidly drawing to a close, as an organization we are sharing our thoughts and experiences with charitable initiatives we’ve taken part in throughout the past year. We hope that this blog might inspire you—whether personally or on a company level—to explore new ways to make charitable giving a regular part of your life. Mission Health believes firmly that operating according to our core values of Character, Attitude, Respect, Excellence, and Service is what differentiates us from the competition. While making life better for others begins with our residents, patients, and their families, it extends beyond that.

Mission Health encourages and facilitates charitable giving not only to our employees and residents, but towards our local communities to provide the best Mission Experience possible. At the Home Office, we have made it our mission to serve and contribute to our communities annually by supporting organizations such as R’Club Child Care based out of St. Petersburg, where we donate presents to a family in need.

Companywide, we participate in charitable events such as Carol For A Cause, where proceeds are donated to Hunger Relief organization, Feeding America. In 2020, Mission employees and even residents out at our communities got together to participate in Carol for A Cause fundraisers by singing songs that brought joy in a difficult year.

Mission Health also strives to provide our employees with an optimal working experience, and that includes giving back to those who work hard to provide the best Mission Experience possible. Last year, Mission Health initiated the employee relief program for employees who have recently suffered unexpected hardships. The employee relief program serves as a temporary safety net program where Mission Health comes together as one to assist our devoted employees when disasters strike, and relief fund packages are dispersed based upon the extent and type of situation. This program was one of the most requested by our employees: not by those looking for relief themselves, but for fellow colleagues who may be in need of help.

Likewise, Mission believes in giving back to the greater community. After noticing many charitable giving organizations, particularly food pantries, struggle in 2020, Mission came together to decide on a new holiday season initiative: each community chose a local food bank/pantry to receive a gift of $500 on their behalf. Similarly, an ongoing offer that we have in place as an organization, is the ability for any employee who volunteers their personal time to a registered 501© charity, to apply for a grant of $100 to be donated in their name to that charity. Many employees have taken advantage of this program over the years, and we look forward to continuing it into the future. It’s important to us that we support the things that matter most to our employees!

Mission Health strives to reflect our CARES values in everything we do, and that includes the ways we give back. Our communities also participate in a wide variety of local charity and fundraising events, organize teams for annual Alzheimer’s Association walks, and come together in support of each other when the need arises.

We look forward to continuing to have a meaningful impact on local, state, and national levels in the future, as well as seeking out new and unique ways to be active among various charitable organizations.

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