Health is Our Primary(360) Priority

Teladoc 360

The past year has seen many shifts and pivots in the healthcare profession, and we’re committed to pivoting with it! This includes how we structure our offered benefits for our employees. When we looked at the health insurance benefits we’d be offering in 2022, a top priority was ensuring that the services available to our […]

Things are really cooking at Mission Health

Holiday Recipe Book

Every year, Mission Health loves to spread holiday cheer by providing our staff, residents, and friends with the best Mission Experience possible. We take pride in what we do and how we do it, infusing our CARES values into everything we do…and that includes the meals we share with those we love! We know that […]

Reflecting on Giving Back

Charitable hearts and hands

With the year rapidly drawing to a close, as an organization we are sharing our thoughts and experiences with charitable initiatives we’ve taken part in throughout the past year. We hope that this blog might inspire you—whether personally or on a company level—to explore new ways to make charitable giving a regular part of your […]

Partnering Based on Values

Statistical screen with Prophix logo

Mission Health is proud to have recently collaborated with Prophix for a piece on how our use of their software has enabled us to continue to improve the way we do business. Prophix is a budgeting and reporting software, which Mission uses to facilitate the entire budget process. To learn more about why we prioritized […]

Raw but Real: Looking Back on Post-Acute Care

oversized postit note

Last week I attended the American Health Care Association meeting at the Gaylord National Hotel in Maryland, outside of DC. As I left in my car, last Saturday from my home in Durham, NC, I was excited to get back to a large conference, to seeing all my friends from the post-acute arena, and anxious […]

Flu Prevention: What Can You Do?

Flu season

We all know that the healthcare profession has been focused on COVID-19 concerns since March 2020. The need to learn, implement, and adapt practices to keep our patients and ourselves safe from the COVID-19 virus has taken a great deal of our attention and resources for nearly two years. It has been, and continues to […]

Growing Our Own: CNA Certification Course

New CNAs

Most (if not all) people in the healthcare profession know that staffing is an issue right now. Even prior to COVID-19, staffing was a top concern for many healthcare providers throughout the country. When you provide skilled care for a group of people, consistent and skilled staffing is essential. But needing staff is not the […]

A Mission for Mental Health

Woman on smart phone

Did you know that 1 in 5 adults experience a mental health issue at some point in their life? It’s way more common than you might think, and over the past year we’ve seen more and more conversation around mental health arise. However, not everyone is able or comfortable taking part in these conversations. Maybe […]

Capella University: An Interview with Amy

We talk a lot about the various benefits we’re proud to offer employees at Mission Health, and one of our favorite benefits is discounted tuition at Capella University. Helping employees pursue their desired careers goals is extremely important to us. As 2021 inches toward 2022 (inches, or maybe sprints), we know there may be people […]

Things are Growing Great

top 30 nursing homes

With 51 communities in 8 states, Mission Health is proud to announce that we were recently listed as number 22 of the Top 30 Largest Nursing Facility Companies. As President and CEO, Stuart Lindeman, always says: Mission is looking to grow, and we’re looking to grow smart. What does that mean? It means that we […]